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Diligent attorney helps your business grow

For 25 years since it was established, the Law Office of Charles A. Rosen has offered both legal counsel and representation to medium and small business throughout northern New Jersey. Whether your business is brand new or has been operating for years, Charles A. Rosen possesses the knowledge and qualifications to help guide you through your legal issue and help your business progress. Charles A. Rosen handles all aspects of his cases, ensuring that his clients receive complete, professional assistance for all issues related to business law.

Roseland attorney assists with all business issues

Many issues accompany owning and operating a business. In order to handle these issues effectively, you need a loyal, experienced business attorney. The Law Offices of Charles A. Rosen provides advice and representation to clients about all business-related issues. Those starting a business come to the firm for advice on selecting a string business structure. Established businesses come to the Law Office of Charles A. Rosen for assistance with resolving employee disputes, dealing with vendors and maintaining their business entities. No matter what your business law need may be, the Law Office of Charles A. Rosen has the necessary experience to get the job done.

Easily accessible, readily available

The Law Office of Charles A. Rosen is well-known throughout the community and is easily reachable from various locations in New Jersey. The office is located off Route 280 between the Essex County and the Morris County courthouses. When you come to Charles A. Rosen, he handles your case in a personal, careful, efficient manner to achieve the most favorable outcome.

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Whether you are starting a business or looking to resolve issues within your established business, the Law Office of Charles A. Rosen can help. Call us at 973-535-2800 or contact us online.

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